The preliminary results, achieved after the first year of project execution, are:

  • The definition of user requirements and operational scenarios
  • The study and the definition of the complementary technologies to be used in conjunction of GNSS. In particular in the project have been proposed to use LiDAR, stereo camera, time of flight camera and IMU
  • Preliminary System and Subsystems Requirements and Functional Architecture definition
  • It has been identified the trial site to characterize the selected sensors in a real railway system in order to assess the performance obtainable from those sensors
  • A preliminary non-intrusiveness analysis has been also approved
  • It has been defined the procedure for a Ground Truth to be used during the test campaign.

The next steps will be:
  • The installation of the sensors on a train used in the trial site
  • The characterization of the sensors 
  • The Proof-of-Concept design based on the collected data 
  • The Evaluation of the economical sustainability in railways application domain
In Voliera project phase 1, there are four project Milestones:
  1. Baseline Design Review (BDR);
  2. System Requirements Review (SRR);
  3. Preliminary Design Review (PDR);
  4. Critical Design Review (CDR).

In the VOLIERA phase 1 the goal is to identify and freeze the design in detail of the innovative train positioning system, which will be approved at last project milestone CDR.

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